Agro Ecotourism - UCA San Ramón, Nicaragua

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La Pita

This is the smallest of the four communities with only 26 families. La Pita is located near San Ramón, but there is no public transportation, which makes the community a lovely quiet place. To go to La Pita you have to walk for about 30 minutes. The community was formed by workers in the mines that were the principal activity in the area and the old gold mine is still open to see on one of the guided tours. Now the inhabitants work with coffee and other agricultural products.

 In La Pita you have many possibilities:

   Visit the four old gold mines. One is a chimney mine, which is a 46 meters deep whole. One of the mines is today filled with water, but the two last mines on the mountain are still possible to enter.

    Let a young local guide take you through the coffee fields while you learn about the life as a coffee farmer and the history of the coffee.

    Stay in the eco lodge named EcoAlbergue with four double rooms with private bathroom and a wonderful view. The lodge was built by a French organization to make it easier for tourists to visit the community.

    Visit the local waterfall and climb up the side afterward.

Cooperative Denis Gutierrez: The cooperative located in the community of La Pita. The community and cooperative was formed in 1940 by former workers from the big coffee farms in the country which had no land to work on. There are 16 members and one of them is a female.